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Five Best Blogs: Students Defend Principal Against Brownback Critic


Brownback Tweeter's High School Classmates Are Bullying Her AW: Politico's Tim Mak says the high school students have actually rushed to throw their support behind their principal, Karl Krawitz. 

How NOT to reform American education Dangerously Irrelevant:  What will it take for Americans to stand up and fight not just against our schooling systems but also against educational reform efforts that take those systems in wrong directions? 

A Deeper Look (Part 3) New America: Some of the proposals for Titles IV and V deserve a thumbs up, and others should include more of a focus on early learning.

The Tidal Wave of Surplus Capital Tom Hoffman: To simply cast contemporary US school reform as a speculative bubble gets convoluted, since the investors mostly aren't looking for financial return. However, I have no doubt that the phenomenon is a direct result of the "tidal wave of surplus capital" looking for someplace to be spent.

ED Abandons ‘Same Cell’ Battle TIDL: No, this is not about biology. This is about another quiet retreat in the Obama administration’s ESEA waiver package — a retreat that shows how much ground civil rights groups have lost in the education debate since the Republican takeover. ALSO: Title I ‘Formula Fairness Campaign’ Faces Uphill Climb

What Inspired Me to Study Parent and Community Engagement HEL:  This experience—the isolation between school and family life—is not unusual, particularly in urban schools where the majority of students are students of color and are taught by White teachers who often live outside the school community. 


Should schools alone be held accountable for student achievement? Hechinger Blog: In Cincinnati, the focus of the report, a coalition of agencies tried to avoid this problem by making a list of goals for each organization involved that fit with its specific mission. 


Caught Between Common Standards and Assessments Curriculum Matters: While some states and districts are forging ahead with curriculum, and even revised or new tests to reflect the new standards, others are hanging back, uncertain of how and whether to take those steps. 

Top 10 Reasons You May NOT Want to be a Teacher Mr. Teachbad: 10) Object of widespread public scorn; 9) Dignity offered up as sacrifice to unholy lovechild of Bill Gates and Michelle Rhee; 8) Lazy, whiny, stupid, absent and/or unprepared students (Studies show this is the fault of teachers.). 

State Officials Take 200-Pound 8-Year-Old From Mother AW:  Ohio officials are standing by their decision to remove an eight-year-old boy from his family's home last month because they considered his mother's inability to get the child's ballooning weight under control a form of medical neglect. 

Dealing with the Devil? Policy Research in a Partisan World schoolfinance101: Back in September, I was contacted by this fictional Peter Harmon who characterized himself as working for the Ohio Education Association, but never made it absolutely clear that he was working for the state teachers’ union of Ohio.


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I like the content regarding reformation. Rest of the blogs are also good. Really inspiring and encouraging. Thanks for all the sharing.

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