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Five Best Blogs: Obama Heckled At High School Event

image from cdn.theatlanticwire.comObama Got Heckled at a New Hampshire High School Atlantic Wire:  The hecklers were complaining about the thousands of arrests nationwide at protests by the Occupy Wall Street movement ("Your silence sends a message that police brutality is acceptable.") They were shouted down before they could finish.

The future of educational accountability, as envisioned by 11 leading states Mike Petrilli:  A focus on growth will eclipse the need for “subgroup accountability.” ... Subjects beyond reading and math will count again. 

Philip Kovacs Takes on TFA EdWeek: At best the empirical evidence is mixed, at worst, it is damning. Given that the organization has been around for 20 years, if it was so good, why aren't there dozens of peer-reviewed reports proving it?

Why Stanford Online High School Matters Education Sector: Perhaps Stanford’s move will push other institutions to consider the real game-changer – offering elite quality education, at an affordable cost, on a more massive scale. When will the University of Michigan, UVA, UNC, Berkeley, or any of our other great public universities do this for an entire state?

Dear John Education Sector:  You can try to lump us all into one scary camp of accountability hawk reformers who are bent on launching an educational civil war, but you can’t make it true. 



The Problem With Charters Deborah Meier: Most are a part of a larger macro-chain that is pushing the idea of the marketplace as the best form of democracy. At present they seem satisfied to be able to claim that they are not much worse than traditional public schools serving the same population (the latter being hard to define, of course). 

Sorry, those of you told you were talented Sherman Dorn: Does anyone really think effort is all that matters, or just that it matters much more than anything you could call native talent?  

The Uncertain Future Of Charter School Proliferation ShankerBlog:  The available evidence is nowhere near comprehensive, but it strongly suggests that even these successes cannot be scaled up without, at the very least, large private investments. As a result, their implications for regular public schools remain limited.

Should Value-Added Teacher Ratings Be Adjusted for Poverty? Sarah Garland: "If you've got a poor black kid and a rich white kid that have exactly the same academic achievement levels, do you want the same expectations for both of them the next year? If the answer is yes, then you don't want to be sticking things in the model that will be giving the black kid a boost," [Sanders] said. 

Once at odds, union and charter school team up to fight closure GothamSchools: For months, Opportunity Charter School CEO Leonard Goldberg fought to keep the teachers union out of his school. On Monday, he welcomed them into his auditorium with open arms.

The Bleak Economics Of Parenting Matthew Yglesias: Societies that want to continue existing in the future are increasingly going to have to find ways to subsidize parental investment in the next generation. 


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