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Five Best Blogs: Even James Heckman Can't Save You

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Will Science Reframe Poverty? Think Progress: I’m sure higher taxes on the rich to pay for early childhood eduction would also poll well. From everything I’ve seen, the voters are eager to tax the rich. But none of this shows any signs of actually working as a way of changing public policy. 

Bruno Manno’s “Straw Mom” Argument Annenberg Institute:   The work that Manno describes, on the other hand, is primarily short-lived and does little to build sustained grassroots leadership and voice. SPEAKING OF WHICH: Lessons for advocates from The Education Trust National Conference PIE Network.  

Responding to Diane Ravitch, Randi Weingarten, & others Mike Petrilli: If reformers gain a foothold on local boards, perhaps labor-management negotiations will finally result in good outcomes for kids.

The Dysfunction of Non-Profit Organizations Jay P. Greene:  When for-profit organizations become too large they are either broken-up by regulators with tools like anti-trust or they are divided by shareholders who recognize that the parts are worth more than the whole.  But where are the raiders in the non-profit world?  They don’t exist.  So nothing stops government funded or endowed non-profits from getting way too big.


The Inevitable Progression of the New PaternalismTom Hoffman: One thing I wonder about is whether when, for example, these guys decided that they'd make college graduation the one and only goal of education, whether they realized it was complete bullshit that would fall apart pretty much as soon as they'd been running schools long enough to have many kids graduate from college? Or are they really so clueless to be genuinely surprised by this?

My Nominations For The Edublog Awards Larry Ferlazzo: I would be shocked if there is anyone who has helped more educators in the social media world than Sue Waters. 

What Happened to Data-Driven Education Reform? Jason Richwine: We agree with Sec. Duncan that a much more flexible, performance-based teacher compensation system needs to be implemented, to reward effective teachers. Let's also agree to be consistent in pursuing evidence-based reform. 

Teacher Suspended For Showing 'Daily Show' Clips In Class HuffPost:  An Illinois teacher at Eureka High School is on paid suspension for showing clips of "The Daily Show" in school. 


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