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Charts: Education Majors Study Less, Prepared More

image from thinkprogress.org

Just 26 percent of ed school majors say that they study more than 20 hours a week, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement.  Only 18 percent of ed major seniors go to class unprepared a lot of the time. Lots of ways to interpret the data.  What's yours?


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Education majors are spending long hours on their practicum in their senior year, duh. That's why they call what they do "preparing" rather than "studying".

My question, though, since reformists tout "business" solutions as the solution to education challenges, is this:

Why are you unconcerned with the habits of the business majors?

In CA, you become an ed major to work in a preschool, after school program, etc. if a credentialed teacher is your plan, you aren't supposed to be an ed major, but major in something you intend to teach- even elementary teachers are supposed to major in history, english, science, something that will be a part of what they teach. CA isn't the only state. So why are we always concerned about the GPAs or study hours of ed majors?

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