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Students: Kansas Teen Defends Criticism Of KS Governor

image from assets.nydailynews.com

Here's the teenager who tweeted some critical remarks to her 65 followers about Kansas governor Sam Brownback.  In a fit of what can only be described as hypersensitivity, Brownback's office turned her into the program that had been used to recruit students for the event, and the student was scolded by school administrators and told to write a letter of apology.  Her sister contacted the media instead. The OWS protesters aren't the only ones learning about the perils and potential of speaking truth to power.   (Politico)


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Considering she's now all over the MSM, Facebook, Twitter etc., and the nation is laughing at the idiots in Brownback's office and the hapless principal, it was more like a fit of stupidity coming from Brownback's office.

As I predicted, Governor Blowback is the one who has apologised.

I think I'll continue to follow this kid's tweets, though. She is catching me up on the current teenage vampire heart throbs.

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