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Five Best Blogs: Why's Walton Giving KIPP $25M, Exactly?

Picture 15Reform Beyond Michelle Rhee New America:  Reformers have yet to prove that their strategies can revive a school district in a sustained, measurable way.

I Used to Think...That Experts Understood the World Rick Hess: I now think that experts get so taken with their tiny slivers of expertise that they routinely overestimate both how much they know and their ability to produce broad, beneficial change.

Extending the School Day John Thompson: We cannot afford billions of dollars to destroy "the status quo," and attack teachers and unions, and still have enough resources for kids. Extending the school day, like schooling and like school reform, must be a story of addition and multiplication, not subtraction and division.

A Good Read In The New Yorker The Educated Reporter:  There's no realistic way to scale KIPP to serve as many students who might benefit from the program, which has a remarkable academic track record.

CSSO to tackle teacher prep NCTQ: A CCSSO initiative here represents no less than the 4th signal in the past year that major changes in teacher prep are afoot, with or without the buy-in of higher education.


Teacher Layoff Numbers Overstated? Survey Suggests 'Yes' EdWeek: One part of the NCTQ survey speaks to this issue, saying that 42 of the 54 districts that responded said they cut jobs through attrition in 2011-12, but that number isn't included in the 2.5 percent.

From Gingrich, an Unconventional View of Education NYI: In poverty stricken K-12 districts, Mr. Gingrich said that schools should enlist students as young as 9 to14 to mop hallways and bathrooms, and pay them a wage.

Student Achievement Over the Past 20 Years Mother Jones: Still, caveats aside, this data clearly supports a fairly optimistic view of how our schools are doing. Keep it in mind whenever you read a mournful op-ed about our failing educational system.

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She says this, and then gives zero information to back it up. So we're supposed to believe it because she typed it?

...some education reformers are working to improve school districts in ways that are both effective and increasingly popular with unions and the public...

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