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AM News: States Will Have To Scramble On NCLB Waivers


No Child Left Behind waivers require big changes fast Stateline: Many states seeking a waiver from the 10-year-old education law will be required to overhaul their education policies over the next few months in order to meet federal application requirements. 

Iowa Governor to Wait on Teacher Pay Plan, Build Support State EdWatch:  The recent tendency of state governors on education policy has been to push for major changes—and to get them done right now. Iowa's Terry Branstad appears to be taking a different approach.

Drug war sends emotionally troubled kids to Texas AP: The drug war raging along the U.S.-Mexico border is bringing a new problem to Texas schools: Thousands of students suffering from emotional troubles not unlike those endured by soldiers returning from battle.

Two more surrender, making 20 arrests in SAT/ACT scandal CNN: Two more students surrendered Monday, making the grand total 20 arrests in an SAT/ACT scandal, according to the Nassau County, New York, district attorney's office.

New Calculation: Math in Preschool WSJ: Scores of preschool and kindergarten teachers across the city are embedding math concepts into daily classroom activities, in a promising new program that gives students a foundation for more complex math and logical-thinking skills in later grades.

Colo. school incentive program awaits more funds AP (Boston Globe): A pilot program to improve college readiness among Colorado teens produced more high scores on students' Advanced Placement tests -- and paid $69,500 to teachers as a reward.


Occupy L.A. Offers a Hands-On Civics Lesson for Students, Teachers EdWeek: For countless students and teachers, the Occupy L.A. encampment at City Hall has become a living classroom, a place to put a contemporary twist on historical topics.

Class-Size Waivers Triple for Texas Districts EdWeek: State figures show a more than threefold increase in just one year in the number of elementary schools allowed to exceed class-size limits in Texas, one of the most visible signs of the big education funding cuts that the Legislature passed to balance the budget, a newspaper reported Friday.


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