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AM News: Revamping Teacher Prep At ASU


Cash-strapped cities, schools say: 'Your Ad Here' AP: In the aftermath of the Great Recession, a public school district in Colorado is selling ads on report cards and Utah has a new law allowing ads on school buses.

Plea deal in California gay classmate killing AP: A Southern California teenager pleaded guilty Monday to second-degree murder for killing a gay student during a computer lab class three years ago that will send him to prison for 21 years and avoid a retrial, authorities said.

‘Exemplary’ Dallas ISD school skipped science, social studies for 3rd-graders Dallas Morning News: Students at a Dallas elementary school learned only math and reading for most of the school year, while teachers were pressured to fabricate grades for other subjects.

As Poorest U.S. City, Reading Also Struggling With High Dropout Rate PBS NewsHour: One city's struggle to regain its economic footing is also tied to significant problems in its schools. Jeffrey Brown reports from Reading, Pa., as part of PBS' American Graduate series.

ASU Reforms Elementary Ed. Content Coursework EdWeek: The university's president, Michael Crow, told me one of his goals is to stop the education degree from being, in his words, "a math-science avoidance degree."


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