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Five Best Blogs: NCLB Waiver States Propose Toothless Ratings

image from i.huffpost.com“New and Ambitious” AMOs May be Toothless Thompson:  The primary motivation for meeting (and exceeding) these targets will rest with moving out of one or the other designation. 

Can Unions Be Saved By Making Them Weaker? Mother Jones: Whatever you think of them, unions in their existing form are dying, and there's little reason to think that's going to change....that we needed something to replace them, "a countervailing power as big, crude, and uncompromising as organized labor used to be." 

An "American" Approach to K-12 School Reform Rick Hess: Just for a moment, let's entertain the radical proposition that a better course is to tap into uniquely American strengths like federalism, entrepreneurial dynamism, and size and heterogeneity.

 Teaching Practice NSVF:  Adopting a practice-based curriculum, in law as in teacher training, need not mean gutting conceptual training, but rather determining the right balance of practical skills and conceptual understanding that builds highly effective beginning teachers.

Kansas Gov.: Teen Doesn't Need To Apologize For Tweet AP: There's no need for 18-year-old Emma Sullivan to apologize and his staff overreacted by telling officials at her high school that the teen had tweeted about how the governor "sucked," Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) said today. 


How I’d Fix TFA Gary Rubinstein:  TFA becomes a three year program with the first year composed of training, student teaching, substitute teaching... After the second year, you might not be so burned out since you didn’t have the trauma that current corps members had in their first year. 

 Teacher Union Blues Jay P. Greene: At least in the private sector management usually tries to represent the interests of shareholders, but in the public sector the diffused interests of taxpayers are much less likely to be represented.

Principals revolt against the testing madness Mike Klonsky:  NYT's Mike Winerip gives credit to Obama along with John B King, the New York State commissioner of education, for spurring what is believed to be the first principals’ revolt in history.

 Good news in Seattle PAA:  The following update is by Sue Peters, a founding member of Parents Across America and Parents Across America -Seattle, where over the course of the past year, grassroots organizing, community members and stakeholders  have beaten down the forces of corporate reform several times, including in the latest school board elections. 

 Thoughts On Today’s NY Times Column By Carol Dweck Larry Ferlazzo: Especially with adolescents, it seems to me that we need to recognize that our students are not Supermen or Superwomen, and it’s unlikely that many — if any — have an unlimited level of self-control.


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I was trying to track down those "toothless" AMOs on "Thompson's official site", appropriately called Title-Iderland.

Here they are:
•the Colorado Growth Model, to dig deeper into what each student’s prior and current performance means;
•normative growth data using individual student growth percentiles to determine whether the student is making progress relative to his prior achievement;
•criterion-referenced growth data using adequate student growth percentiles to determine whether the student is making progress relative to state achievement targets; and
•determinations of whether a student is making enough growth to be on track for college- and career-readiness.

Why would anybody want "teeth" in the jaws of those malformed data-industry jabberwock-spawn, as they close on living children and their teachers? Must we be continuously chewed? Can't they do enough damage by gumming us to death?

I wondered what guest expert on Thompson was so concerned qabout the toothlessness of half-baked accountability scams. " (This guest blog post was written by educational consultant William Erpenbach, president of WJE Consulting.)"

Manta.com offers this info:
W J E Consulting Ltd
6724 Aldo Leopold Way
Middleton, WI 53562-1198 map
Website: Information not found
Phone: (608) 836-3226

Products or Services:
Marriot Business Services, Commercial Business Services, Geneva Business Services, Coast Business Services and Gab Business Services.
About W J E Consulting Ltd
W J E Consulting Ltd in Middleton, WI is a private company categorized under Business Services (Unclassified). Our records show it was established in 1997 and incorporated in Wisconsin. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $100,000 and employs a staff of approximately 2.

"educational consultant". WTF?

That is a problem, I guess. How will the profit-driven feeding frenzy of our data masters proceed? Just the low income children will be sacrificed to them? How will that ever satisfy their profit-thirst?

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