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People: Charter Head Leaves For Voucher Group

image from t3.gstatic.comIt was just a few months ago that Peter Groff was named head of NAPCS, a successor to Nelson Smith whose arrival seemed to excite many in the charter community.  Well, he left NAPCS last month to join BAEO, whose support for choice includes vouchers as well as charters.  Tea leaf readers can make of that what they will.  

Meantime, there are a bunch of issues facing the charter association, not the least of which is the effort to serve as more than an advocacy group for charter operators. There are also serious quality problems, which may only become worse as charters expand thanks to all the caps removed through Race To The Top.  That being said, there are also lots of interesting things going on in charter-land, including teacher unionization, union authorizers, charter conversions as part of turnaround efforts, and middle-class charters. 


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