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Five Best Blogs: Senate, Campaign Moves Complicate Waivers

5302792411_3c39602620_b Collision Courses Eduwonk:  [CGCS has] traditionally been resistant to moves that would shift the accountability burden off of suburban schools while maintaining it for urbans. 

Making Sense of the GOP Field & Education Rick Hess: Here are seven keys to keep in mind when making sense of what the Republican field is (and isn't) saying. 

Improving No Child Left Behind NYT editorial page: The Obama administration must insist that states getting waivers demonstrate that they are making substantial progress, but it should allow flexibility on the timing. Having states rush to adopt inadequate evaluation systems would discredit the school reform movement. 

Let States Reform Education, Don't Let Them Set a Low Bar Bloomberg: Unfortunately, neither the president nor Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has given Congress strong guidance on how to proceed. 

Do Our Schools Still Offer Advanced Classes? Kevin Drum: I know that placement of kids in "vocational" tracks mostly ended decades ago, but basic academic tracking still seems to be very widespread. So what's the real complaint here? 

Half Of Colorado Online Students Leave, Funding Stays EdNews Colorado: Colorado taxpayers will spend $100 million this year on online schools that are largely failing their elementary and high school students, state education records and interviews with school officials show.


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