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AM News: Republican Candidates Diss The USDE


Candidates Call For Diminished Federal Role In Schools HuffPost: The desire for a lighter federal hand in the nation's schools ruled the discussions at an education forum Thursday night with four of the GOP presidential hopefuls.

Republican candidates blast Obama’s student-loan plan Hechinger: Republican presidential candidates on Thursday night criticized the Obama administration’s newly announced plan to lower student-loan repayments, saying it would simply shift the burden of costs from students to taxpayers.

Obama Using Education Issue as Political Sword EdWeek: His administration is using its record on education—and that of congressional Republicans—as a political weapon as Campaign 2012 heats up.

National focus on DPS race EdNewsCO: A national media blitz by Denver school board candidate Emily Sirota is shaking up the race in southeast Denver but it’s unclear whether it will help her win.

When School Dropouts Start to Look Like a Budget Blessing Texas Tribune: Texas’ two-year spending cycle gives greater regard to short-term political gain than to the long-term consequences of aborted educations.


Alabama Immigration Law’s Critics Question Target NYT: The champions of Alabama’s far-reaching immigration law have said that it is intended to drive illegal immigrants from the state by making every aspect of their life difficult. But they have taken a very different tone when it comes to the part of the law concerning schools.

Complicated Formula Will Help Determine Fate of Some Chicago Schools NYT: Chicago Public Schools officials are giving the public an early look at the strategy they will use in December when deciding which schools will be closed, consolidated or designated to be turned around.

MORE NEWS ITEMS INSIDE Mayor says 32 schools willing to take incentives to increase length of school day ChicagoTribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the teachers union's efforts to block additional elementary schools from adopting a longer school day is akin to "cheating children out of an education."

Bill would allow more Michigan 'cyber' schools AP: Michigan would allow more "cyber" charter schools under legislation narrowly approved Thursday by the Republican-led state Senate, one of many measures lawmakers are considering to expand public education options in the state.

Miami Facing Hefty Fines Again Over Class Sizes EdWeek: In a tight budget year, Miami-Dade and Broward public school districts may once again face hefty fines from the state for not meeting class size requirements.

Maryland Catholics look to younger students to stem priest, nun declines Baltimore Sun: In Maryland and across the country, the Roman Catholic Church is looking to inspire younger students with a zeal for religious life and help stem decades of decline in the ranks of nuns and priests. National research suggests that students start to consider the priesthood or sisterhood at as young as 11. 

Feds: Ore. man with sniper book had made threats Associated Press: A Oregon man facing charges that he had a loaded pistol at a high school after a football game had written a note on a desk when he was in high school saying he wanted to kill as many teachers and students as he could, according to federal court documents filed Thursday.

Ohio gym teacher convicted in student sex case AP: A high school teacher was convicted Thursday of having sex with five students, some of them football players, after a judge rejected an insanity defense that argued the teens took advantage of her.


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