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AM News: Vouchers Might Come Back In PA


Pa. senate approves plan for taxpayer-funded school-tuition vouchers Philadelphia Inquirer: The push for school choice cleared its first major legislative hurdle when the state Senate voted Wednesday to provide taxpayer-funded tuition vouchers for impoverished students in 

In Denver, Obama Seeks Student Support AP: President Obama promoted new rules to expedite and ease repayment for graduates with federal student loans.

New York's Mayor Bloomberg joins fray over control of state school board NOLA: Jones, the local Teach for America leader, is in a runoff for the seat with incumbent Louella Givens, a local attorney who has served on the board for almost eight years.via Gothamschools.

Private donors funding new statewide district for struggling schools
 Detroit Free Press: Start-up money for the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) will be held by the new Michigan Education Excellence Foundation. 

Franken mixes math, mirth and education-bill backing MinnPost: Franken depicted the bill as a bipartisan victory and a "real improvement on NCLB."


Nigerian immigrant wants to give hope to children laboring in hidden jobs Washington Post: The practice has helped countless children of poor farmers become educated professionals. But child advocates in Africa and the United States who see the tradition playing out in some immigrant communities are concerned that it also leaves children vulnerable to exploitation.

Ga. schools see drop in students for Bible classes AP: In 2006, Georgia became the first state to allow Bible education classes in public schools, after much debate over the sticky issue of separation of church and state. Now the classes are dwindling for a far more tangible reason: money.

4,177 Students and One Principal: A Day in the Life at Francis Lewis High School NYT: Principals these days are expected to be a little bit of many different things: manager, educator, financial whiz, social worker, enforcer, data analyst, cheerleader and contortionist (figuratively, at least).

FoodFight, a Nonprofit Group, Works With New York City Schools NYT: The group’s founders, Carolyn Cohen and Deborah Lewison-Grant, two former public school teachers, set out to change the way adolescents think about food.
Maryland identified as a leader in teacher evaluations Baltimore Sun: Maryland is one of 17 states leading a movement to evaluate teachers based on student performance in the classroom, but the state doesn't require a teacher to be evaluated on an annual basis, according to a new report.
Common Core Found to Rank With Respected Standards Ed Week: The common-core standards in English/language arts and mathematics are generally aligned to the leading state standards, international standards, and university standards at the high-school-exit level, but are more rigorous in some content areas, says a report released Wednesday.

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