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Five Best Blogs: What States & Districts Did Then, They'll Do Again

1266305584 Getting Nostalgic About NCLB DFER: States and districts did what they always do when they don't like what the feds are pushing: they ignored the mandate, but pocketed the hundreds of millions of federal dollars that came along with it.

Rhee hires a Republican fixer RheeFirst (AFT): With the Pennsylvania school choice bill still stuck in the ever-grinding gears of legislative activity, Rhee has decided she needs a lobbyist to give it a jumpstart, and that lobbyist is a Republican strategist former campaign manager for [two Republican candidates]. 

How Long Do TFA Teachers Teach? EdWeek:  If hard-to-staff schools are to succeed in serving their low-income students, it won’t be because they receive a steady stream of well-educated, committed novice teachers.

Accountability and Merit Pay Taking Some Heat in TexasPaul E. Peterson:  Let’s hope the Texas political leadership can resist the anti-accountability forces in the months and years to come.

Teacher quality – "know it when you see it"?:  These new systems may not be perfect, but they are worlds better than what we had previously. And they are a starting point if we want to finally get serious about improving teacher quality.


School discipline records show racial disparities Hechinger Blog: Black students are suspended more often for behavior that is seen as subjective, such as being disrespectful, making excessive noise or exhibiting threatening behavior, while white students are punished for more objective transgressions like smoking, vandalism, or using obscene language. 

Character Education Shanker Blog: The “students above adults” talking point and the “profiteering” accusations are personal attacks. They make preposterous blanket assumptions about people’s motives, while contributing not a shred of substance to the debate. 

 The Motivation Problem In Education Matthew Yglesias: You can find all the relevant textbooks, lectures, information, etc. online already. And yet the number of people who’ve self-taught calculus is tiny. 

Rick Perry’s Record on Jobs and Education NEA Today: Perry dismisses the AJA, however, and says the nation merely needs to emulate the Texas model – less government spending, less regulation and more tax cuts. 

Flipping the Classroom: It’s not just Khan Academy Education Sector:  Four years ago, in the shadow of Colorado’s Pike’s Peak, veteran Woodland Park High School chemistry teachers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams stumbled onto an idea. 


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