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Five Best Blogs: Sesame Street's New Character Is Hungry


Insanely great Joanne Jacobs:  We all knew he was dying, yet it’s a shock to know he’s gone.

All Hail Finland? Neerav Kingsland (New Schools for New Orleans): The Finnish model is better than ours, but it’s probably not the best.

Suburban charter? Forget about it. Jay Mathews: I still don’t think the Leadership Academy has a chance, but we shall see. Some day Fairfax might realize that as good as its schools are, it could use a little competition.

I didn't stammer Doug Hering: Non-profit is a government designation that means that no one directly owns the organization and therefore does not directly get money from the bottom line.  It does not mean that employees are not paid well or do not receive substantial bonuses.

Mulgrew and teachers union occupy Wall Street GothamSchools: Some [teachers] said they were there to experience a historic moment. Others said it was to lend support to their union.


Teacher preparation ‘front and center’ Education Sector:  Sharon Robinson, president and CEO of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education went a step further than Duncan’s report when saying government should pull the funding plug on low-performing programs.

Getting Back to the Point Charter School Insights:  Truly productive, result-yielding collaboration is hard.  It requires so much more than just physically bringing people together in a room.  But truth be told, that’s hard enough. 

Federal Investment in Charter Schools CAP:  This paper examines the role of charter schools in transforming public education and the paths and barriers to expanding high-quality charter school programs, including the federal role in this transformation.

Low Expectations Ed Next:  It is hard for me to express how disheartening it is to have spent two years and more than $80,000 in student loans on a [teacher preparation] program that did justice to none of those objectives.

Sesame Street Tackles Hunger and Poverty American Times: Now, the producers of Sesame Street are tackling one of the most important, and most depressing, issues of our time: hunger. Specifically, they're tackling the problem of hungry children in America.


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