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Video Interlude: 3D Printers Can Scan, Send, Create Working Objects

I've been intrigued but confused by all this talk about 3D printing until I watched this demonstration of a metal hand wrench being scanned into a computer, sent to a printer, and recreated.  Basically these machines can recreate an object (and other things) in a fancy printing machine.  


It's very sci fi and yet at the same time very old school.  The composite powder is the paper medium, the binding material is the ink.  The print head makes repeated passes over the powder, creating the object layer by layer, based on the computer scan of the original object.  Is it easier or faster or cheaper than making a wrench the old fashioned way?  I have no idea.  Can you scan yourself?  Yes but it would probably take a long while.  Yes the replacement cartridges are expensive.  


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That is one amazing fact a printer can do.Nice video and post.Never thought it existed .

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