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Power Couples: JC Brizard & K. Brooke Stafford-Brizard

Picture 44 He's the head of the Chicago Public Schools.She's the TFA alum with the PhD from Columbia. Read all about them here in Chicago Magazine.

It seems secretive and overly PC that none of the many profiles about the couple have mentioned they're an interracial couple. Then again, Stephen Colbert and many others claim they don't see race

Anyway, I'm always on the prowl for power education couples. Any new ones out there I might not have heard of?  Come on, I know you reformy types are always getting hitched to each other. 


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Let's be honest, a PhD in education does not really count as a PhD, he should know that by now. Since everyone is bashing teacher education let's not let education PhDs off the hook. Have you ever read a education dissertation?

Machael, wait. I know what you mean about education reform "doctorates", but we're talking about Columbia University, right? And a Doctor of Philosophy, not a Doctor of Education?

A PhD from Columbia counts as a PhD.

On the other hand, most education departments are now hosting doctoral programs in ideological education, where you have to write an application statement demonstrating your commitment to "education reform" to even apply. Those are bogus.

For instance, my former principal had courses on education research on his record, but boasted that he couldn't do fractions. The program (at one of our UMASS campuses!) is a front for the "National Institute of School Leadership".

Hi Mary,

I was being a little funny and not super careful though I have plenty of anecdotal evidence to support my claim, though not from Columbia, it is true.

But regardless of my sweeping claim, look at this woman's track record so far, it is instructive. She does TFA for a couple years, quits the classroom, gets a PhD and then states she has no interest in teaching in a classroom and now is getting feelers from Foundations. So here you have almost the archetype Edu Reformer in the modern age, someone who a) has no interest in directly working with children b) requires a 6 figure salary and c) will no doubt spend a good chunk of their privileged life complaining about working class unions.

And of course my only source of information is this one interview with her husband, problematic as it may be, but in the public domain nonetheless.

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