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Five Best Blogs: Will NCLB Waivers Mean Longer Days?

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Jeb Bush and Florida's Education SuccessWhitney Tilson: I'm not saying I'd support him (or any Republican) over Obama, but I think it's healthy for our country if the Republicans offer a strong, credible candidate.

Two bitter education rivals begin to bury the hatchet USAT:  Kopp said the nation's schools need both alternative and standard teacher-training programs. "We just need to move beyond the overly simplistic idea that it's one form vs. another," she said. 

Why Teachers in High-Minority Schools Are Paid Less GOOD: Districts should require that each school, whether it's in a minority or a white neighborhood, have about the same number of first or second-year teachers and veteran educators.

Still Waiting For Superman  Dana Golstein:  There is little doubt the quality of the teacher corps would improve if the job paid a six-figure salary. I love that idea!

Take Your Time CAP:  States applying for federal waivers ought to follow the example of Massachusetts, where the state carefully crafted a definition of expanded learning time to ensure the additional time was used wisely to make a difference in the experience of both teachers and students.

Saving Catholic Education Richard Riordan:  Charter schools are an amazing development, and I've chaired the Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools and the Inner City Education Foundation, both charter advocacy organizations. But not everyone will be able to attend charter schools because the capacity isn't there.


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The Inner City Education Foundation has collapsed financially, just to point that out.

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