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Five Best Blogs: Back To School For President Obama


Republicans for Smaller Class Size? DFER: By curbing collective bargaining for public school teachers, Walker told the crowd, public schools could... hire a boatload of more teachers in order to significantly reduce class sizes! 

Too much tight, too light on loose Mike Petrilli: Some additional vetting–via the Congressional process perhaps?–might make it ready for primetime. Too bad the Administration took that option off the table. 

The Waiver Wars Title I Derland: A bill overturning Duncan’s waiver action is not a sufficiently high priority to garner much support in Congress, and it would face strong Democratic opposition.

Film Review: American Teacher Mother Jones: With more than half of the nation's 3.2 million public pedagogues coming up for retirement in the next decade, American Teacher succeeds in reframing education's abstract ideological battles in terms of kitchen-table realities.

Geoffrey Canada and Diane Ravitch Stand for Children: We see two passionate advocates with lots of common ground, and many compelling reasons to make our schools better. 

Grit and Middle-Class Messaging Tom Hoffman: It isn't about the achievement gap, it is about character, just like a private school! If you ask me it is still a tough sell to suburban America. 


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