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AM News: House Cuts, Senate Markup, SAT Cheating

News2 House Republicans Unveil Cuts To Education AP:   House Republicans on Thursday unveiled plans to cut federal money for job training, heating subsidies and grants to better-performing schools. 

Key Senate Panel Schedules Markup on ESEA Renewal Bill EdWeek: It's the product of 10 months of negotiations between U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, the committee chairman, and Sen. Michael Enzi of Wyoming, the top Republican.

After Arrest, a Wider Inquiry on SAT Cheating NYT: Testing officials said a Long Island case involving seven students was an isolated event, while others argued that the problem was widespread and emphasized the need for better security at the test.

Dave Eggers Says Teachers Should Make More NPR:  Writer Dave Eggers argues the best way to attract great teachers is to pay them more. Eggers and activist Ninive Calegari co-founded the Teacher Salary Project, to raise awareness about the low salaries that they say drive many teachers from the classroom.

School Official Called Educators 'Dirtbags' On Twitter AP:  TULSA, Okla. -- Oklahoma's schools superintendent said Thursday that her chief of staff calling school administrators "dirtbags" in a personal Twitter post was a "poor choice of words" – but called a lawsuit targeting parents of special-needs children that prompted the comment vindictive and "groundless."


Seven Notable Banned Books PBS NewsHour: Here are seven books both modern and classic that have been banned or challenged in the past decade. Each book has also been featured on the NewsHour broadcast or website. 

Seven Notable Banned Books PBS NewsHour: Here are seven books both modern and classic that have been banned or challenged in the past decade. Each book has also been featured on the NewsHour broadcast or website. Schools ponder new progress standards Duluth News Tribune: Minnesota will release results today showing which school districts met stateeducational standards — a week after President Obama announced he will allow states the chance to free themselves from No Child Left Behind mandates. 

 Adrian Fenty: No Regrets HuffED: Fenty said the concerns over cheating were isolated to one school, and that many of his policies -- including a new teachers' contract, which prioritized performance over seniority in case of layoffs and allowed teachers to be paid more if they hit certain targets -- are still in place, and would remain as important models for school districts around the country.

State lawmakers push to allow guns on college campuses USA Today: State lawmakers across the USA are pushing a growing number of bills this year that would legalize carrying guns on college campuses. 

Debate highlights differences between Seattle School Board incumbents, challengers Seattle Times: Four Seattle School Board hopefuls drew sharp contrasts between themselves and their incumbent opponents at a candidates debate Wednesday night. 

Assessments of Chicago Schools Are Flawed, Report Says Chicago News Cooperative: A discouraging new University of Chicago study on academic performance across three eras of reform efforts contradicts impressions created by Chicago Public Schools testing data. 

San Francisco Teenagers on County Probation Learn to Create a Newspaper Bay Area Guardian: San Francisco teenagers on county probation are learning to create a local newspaper, to show their new neighbors that the they are community-minded citizens, not delinquents. 


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