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AM News: More Details About NCLB Waiver Plan


Obama rolling back Bush-era education law AP: The Obama administration is offering states a way around provisions of the once-heralded No Child Left Behind law.

Romney, Perry clash over Race to the Top Politics K-12: Thursday night's GOP presidential debate offered the clearest sign yet that the Republican field is united on K-12 policy: Basically, they all want the feds out.

Teachers in Wash. vote to end strike AP: Striking teachers in Washington state's third-largest school district voted Thursday afternoon to accept a contract, ending a walkout that has kept students out of class for eight days.

Single-sex education is ineffective, report says NYT: The authors of a new study say there is no scientific evidence to support single-sex education, and that it may actually increase gender stereotyping.


NYC teachers say study found 7,000 classes overcrowded NYT: The number of overcrowded classes in New York is the largest in 10 years, according to a survey conducted by the teachers union and released on Thursday.

Arbitrator's order to rehire 75 D.C. teachers is upheld Washington Post: The District’s labor-management relations board has upheld an arbitrator's decision ordering the D.C. Public Schools to rehire 75 new teachers fired in 2008 by then-Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee.

Chicago public schools cuts 200 central office jobs Chicago Tribune: Chicago Public Schools officials announced Thursday that they have trimmed the Chief Education Office and network offices by 200 positions for a savings of $16 million, part of a districtwide reorganization plan under CPS' new leadership team.

Biowalls, iPads, sheep vie in Solar Decathlon USAT:  Teams of students are going for the "green," while hoping to win gold, in a challenge to build efficient, stylish, affordable houses. 


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Nothing new is "reported" in the "report" cited in the New York Times story on single-sex education; it's more aptly labelled an opinion piece by a group whose members were avowedly pro-coeducation before they decided to get together to write, or at least sign on to, the article. In essence, they are making an argument to take away the freedom to offer single-sex programmes with public funding, thus mandating coeducation as the only option to that majority of Americans who cannot afford private education.

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