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Rhee: Waivers Must Improve Accountability Not Abandon It

image from dc-cdn.virtacore.comMichelle Rhee is expressing concerns about the Duncan waiver proposal in terms of what it would mean for academic accountability: 

"To the extent that these waivers account for shortcomings in NCLB's standards they are welcome. However, this move will only be beneficial to students if these waivers are accompanied by rigorous and fair accountability measures. The measure for success will be whether the review process ensures that any waiver for increased flexibility will be conditioned on meaningful reform that enhances teacher quality and accountability. We are hopeful that state applicants will follow the lead of states such as Michigan and Nevada whose bipartisan reform efforts this summer have enhanced evaluations, set standards based on growth so they are more fair and increased accountability to ensure that every child has the best teacher available. "

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