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AM News: How Debt Deal Might Affect K-12 Budgets

News2 For states, debt deal is short on details Stateline: Spending reductions will eventually scale back some federal aid to states, but almost all of the specifics remain to be decided.

Highlights of budget and debt limit pact AP:  President Barack Obama and top congressional leaders have reached an agreement on a plan to pair an increase in the nation's $14.3 trillion borrowing limit with spending cuts and to create a special committee to recommend bigger savings for a vote later this year. 

Debt Ceiling Deal: Big Questions for K-12 EdWeek: The CEF, a coalition of 85 education groups, estimated such cuts would amount to 6.7 percent in most agencies, which for the U.S. Department of Education would translate into about $3 billion.

More States Line up for Relief EdWeek:  Most states are asking for relief from the 2014 deadline for all students to be proficient in math and reading. 

School voucher bills flood GOP-led statehouses AP:  More states than ever before have considered school vouchers this year, driven by resurgent Republicans who see the lagging economy as an opportunity for a fresh push on one of their most contentious education policies.

Alabama Immigration Law Won't Keep Kids Out Of School AP: State officials are sending information to local schools about how to deal with enrolling students. It requires only that public schools determine students' immigration status for record-keeping. 

Review Aims to Avert Cheating on State Tests NYT:  The effort is a response to reports of cheating on standardized tests in Atlanta, Philadelphia and other cities. 

Recognizing voices harder for people with dyslexia AP:  Pick up the phone and hear, "Hey, what's up?" Chances are, those few words are enough to recognize who's speaking -- perhaps unless you have dyslexia.   


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