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Politics: Payoff & Retribution By Mayor-Elect Emanuel

image from www.theloopnow.com In what many observers describe as a nod to wealthy political patrons like Penny Pritzker, mayor-elect Emanual says he wants more all-girls schools in Chicago despite the reality that the one such school in the city is far from a shining light (Emanuel glosses over academic stats, Emanuel promises expansion of all-girl CPS charter high school).  In a bit of what might be described as payback for the teachers union not having supported him in his election efforts, Emanuel says he wants longer school days and extra pay (Rahm Emanuel warns unions about changes ) or he'll support strike limitations in Springfield.   


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The cycle appears to be continuing with the election of Emmanuel who will now punish all those who opposed him, with his sites set on the teacher's unions. His call for longer work days, less pay, and the creation of more all girls schools is payback, and the fact that he is using his position and choice of weapon is reprehensible, but then I consider that he helped get Obama elected, and the country is a terrible mess, so Chicago has my sympathies in what they can expect in terms of public education in the coming years.

I hope that we wake up and smell the coffee and put a cap limit on the war chests created by politicians running for office. The truly best of us have no way in due to lack of funding and instead, we are presented with a career politician with an axe to grind, and is now an expert in the local economy, education, and health care. The reality is that our elected officials are mostly ex-lawyers whose ethics allow them to operate in the grey areas in the belief that they are serving the country, state, and local economies. I think they really believe it, and that is what makes politicians like Emmanuel so dangerous, is that they believe they know what is best for us, which I find truly frightening.

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