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Kindergarten: Chicago Bans Redshirting For Magnets

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Chicago is now taking an unusually hard line against magnet school "redshirting" kindergartners (ie, holding them back so they're "ready" for school), according to this Tribune article -- insisting that kids who are too old apply directly to 1st grade even if their parents think they're not ready.  Not even LA or NYC do that, according to the paper.  The ban is an attempt to prevent gaming of the system by parents trying to increase their kid's chances of getting in and doing well.  Redshirting also apparently causes problems for kids later on in middle school when they tend to experience disciplinary problems at higher rates than their classmates.  Image via.


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"Redshirting" existed long time back, however some schools are a bit flexible some schools are very rigid about it. If parents wish to get their child to a particular school, they should know the rules and regulations (policies), ask the admission directly. Aside from the admission desk/officer who will answer parent’s questions, every school also has a counselor who will give advice to parents on what to do....Please parents when you face a little difficulty with your child in school, refrain from removing your child in school and assume things your own way….Please ask the teacher, administration or anyone at school who can help…it’s for your child’s sake.

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