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AM News: NJ Gov. Declares Enthusiasm For Obama Efforts

image from webmedia.newseum.org Christie 'wholeheartedly' agrees with president's education reform efforts NJ News:  The Republican governor emerged to describe himself as an ally of Democratic President Obama when it comes to education reform.... Chicago schools appointee from NY promises fixes WSJ:  On Wednesday, Emanuel defended picking Brizard because improvements are needed in graduation rates, test scores and the district's finances... Chicago's new school chief leaves his old district mired in questions Chicago Tribune:  A Tribune analysis of state and district records shows that even the accomplishments Brizard has heralded in his short time in Rochester are not what they seem... Common U.S. school standards debut in Hillsborough first TBO:  Hillsborough is one of 15 school districts across the country participating in a pilot program to implement the new benchmarks, a process that will involve retraining teachers and creating new tests... Robbed Of Their Rights? Mich. Teachers Who Strike Could Lose License HuffPost:  If new state legislation passes, teachers participating in illegal strikes could have their licenses revoked for two years -- or permanently in some cases... Ala. GOP senators push through tenure revisions AP:  Republicans in the state Senate Education Committee have pushed through legislation to rewrite Alabama's tenure law... School district lags on criminal checks Boston Globe:  Hundreds of state-mandated criminal background checks of teachers that came due for processing in January 2010 were never run in the Brockton public school district... Demand for Educational Resources for Children Outstrips Supply PBS:  For public school systems, the demand for special educational and treatment resources for children with autism often outpaces what is available... The Far-Reaching Teachings Of Russlynn Ali NPR:  Russlynn Ali, the Education Department's top civil rights official, works to ensure the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws related to education... 


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