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Media: Which Websites Censor Contrary Commenters?

image from koikoikoi.com Moderating offensive comments is key to growing and maintaining a vibrant online community, but apparently it's not just snarky comments about Arianna Huffington's recent cell phone airplane incident that are getting blocked at the Huffington Post. Caroline Grannan (aka SF Caroline) says that she's heard of education comments getting blocked -- and a handful of others report that it's happened to them (here). Do you care?  Probably not.  Are there other blogs or sites where comments are sifted for what they have to say rather than whether they're offensive?  Maybe we can start a list.


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This is an interesting issue. Especially if you're trying to foster a "safe space" there may be some comments that are not offensive on their own, but in context would make other commenters feel less comfortable on that site. If anyone has -good- examples of sites that deal with this issue and have a well written policy and transparent process, it'd be great to hear about them!

I'm not surprised about the hue and cry over whatever happened at Huffington Post, but I can report that I have been routinely censored on right wing sites. So what we have here is a case of the right braying very loudly when the left does something the right has been doing for years.

I am a very progressive liberal and even though I have posted over 2850 comments in the past to the Huff-P, without too much trouble (and had 108 fans) and have earned a "networker badge" (whatever that is!), today I was just banned from posting anymore, just because of some "slightly" critical comments I made in regards to this "new age", pseudo-science blog:


I kept copies of many of my remarks and have reviewed them again and don't find anything different from what I have posted in the past. I asked the moderators to investigate what was going on, but apparently, this just made them even madder and someone just banned me. I have had numerous problems in the past, posting ANYTHING even slightly critical in the religion section. Is Arianna especially protective of this section? Does she instruct her moderators to block any critical comments there?

Pretty weird behavior on the part of the Huff-P, if you ask me (I thought they would be champions of free speech - especially after Egypt!). Hope others that face similar problems make their complaints on YouTube, like this guy:


Stephan Downes-

I'm a very liberal progressive Democrat, that has just been banned for some very tame stuff (compared to some of my prior comments). Indeed it was over some stuff that I am an expert in (as opposed to the blogger I was responding to).

The bottom line is that you are not supposed to attack the thesis of any particular article, only quibble about minor aspects of it.
You won't always be deleted for doing so, but it will happen a lot. I have had dozens of comments deleted from huffingtonpost. However unlike others, have never had my IP adress blocked or account deleted.

The different moderators clearly have different standards, often with no apparent logic to it all. Sometimes my respectful calm comment will get deleted and an abusive, abrasive one with the same position will be let through. Some threads and bloggers seem to have extra moderation whereas almost nothing that isn't supportive of the the article gets through

A recent example I remember was a Joe Scarborough article about John Lennon on the anniversary of his death. Joe told some story about a fan misinterpreting song lyrics and Lennon telling him that it wasn't what the song was about. So Scarborough takes that and asserts that Lennon's music didn't have political meaning and that the left can't take credit for him.
But try to dispute it and see what happens.

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