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Video: Slimy Video Gets NJ Teacher In Trouble

image from pre.cloudfront.goodinc.com Passaic NJ has now suspended an award-winning special education teacher for telling the story of a colleague who used a racial slur to address a student but didn't get  in all that much trouble -- effectively paying a greater price for recounting a story (that seemed to disgust her) than the person who actually spoke the racial slur to students in school. Her remarks were caught on tape and uploaded onto YouTube by the folks who did the ACORN videos last year, presented as an expose of the NJEA called "Teachers Unions Gone Wild" that includes footage from a recent leadership conference.  Read all about it at GOOD (here).  There's lots of rough language -- you've been warned! -- plus annoying steel drum music and voiceover.    There's also an interesting tidbit where a union member brags about slipping in changes to the state's RTTT application / legislation.  


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