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Thompson: Turnarounds Require a Deep Bench

9kyturnaround_consult_600 Laura Pappano's Education Week Commentary explained why real turnarounds "require more labor-intensive relationship-building than advertised."  And Dakarai Aarons also described the complexity of a turnaround in Kentucky which featured the "Name and Claim" process where each educator built intensive relationships with two or three struggling students.  That school had not one, but three "educational recovery specialists" who worked daily with math and literacy teachers, as well as an "educational recovery leader" working with the administrative team.  I just wish the articles had reported the costs of those efforts, perhaps in comparison to lighter-touch reforms, that typically fail.  I also quarrel with the title, "Educators Step Up Academics," that was given to Aarons' piece.  He made it clear that the school also stepped up socio-emotional interventions and relationship-building.  - JT


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