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NCLB: No, NCLB Isn't Getting Revamped Anytime Soon

The Washington Post'sScreenHunter_01 Mar. 31 17.39 Nick Anderson tried hard to get Hill leaders to say something about education reform but doesn't have much to work with besides Melody Barnes blowing smoke about how important NCLB is to the Obama administration and Jack Jennings saying a polite version of "not gonna happen."  The post-election bipartisan momentum story is one we've heard a hundred times before -- usually wishful thinking or an effort to spin or get onto the front page.  As often happens, the story doesn't live up to the headline (and the reality's probably even more dim and uncertain than the story being told here).  Chances of the Republicans giving Obama a win on a major domestic issue seem pretty small -- Boehner wouldn't allow it even if Kline was all for it.  Unless I'm totally wrong and it happens next week.  



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just your opinion I take it, no sources of your own?

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