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Reauthorization: Is Harkin The Real Obstacle To A New NCLB?

image from t2.gstatic.com That's what Patrick Riccards thinks might be going on in this recent post (ESEA Reauth a Done Deal?), noting that Harkin runs both the authorizing and appropriations committees but has said and done very little on NCLB and RTTT beyond pro forma hearings.  "We are hearing nothing coming out of the Senate," says Riccards.  And indeed that seems true - notwithstanding that the top Democratic ed committee talent all went to the White House or joined Duncan's team.  Is Harkin, like Obey, regretting giving Duncan and Obama a blank check on RTTT?  Is he going to stand in the way as much as anyone else on revamping NCLB?  There's lots more reporting to be done here, but I wouldn't be surprised.


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