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AM News: Get Rid Of Master's Bonuses For Teachers, Say Some


Taking Aim At Master's Degrees AP:  Every year, American schools pay more than $8.6 billion in bonuses of between $1,423 and $10,777 each year to teachers with master's degrees, even though the idea that a higher degree makes a teacher more effective has been mostly debunked.... A Dilemma for Schools Seeking to Reform NYT:  Over the past decade, the elementary and high schools that make the list of the worst— those in the bottom 25 percent on the Illinois Standards Achievement Test — have changed... Recruiting the right people to teach NPR:  Monroe sits at the edge of the Mississipi Delta region, a rural area with high poverty and few jobs. ULM has a federal grant to help get more qualified teachers in the area. The grant pays for a recruiter, Dewanna Greer, to hunt for talent...  Las Vegas city schools suspends superintendent Teacher Magazine:  The Las Vegas City Schools board has placed Superintendent Rick Romero on leave for seven days because of an unspecified violation of the district's computer-use policy... Pittsburgh Launches 1-Year Residencies as Alternative Certification Teacher Magazine:  The certification program will be operated in partnership with The New Teacher Project, which currently prepares teachers for certification in five states and the District of Columbia. About 2,100 teachers have been certified by TNTP... No rush to NH charter schools Boston Globe: Figures from New Hampshire's Department of Education show that students from low-income households and Hispanics aren't showing up in the state's charter schools... 2 Moms Charged With $30K School Embezzlement AP:  Two California moms have been charged with embezzling $30,000 from their kids' elementary school fund that pays for extras, such as hiring school counselors and kindergarten handwriting programs... Education Budget, Race to Top, i3 Extension Still Up in the Air EdWeek:   Neither of those were funded in the regular fiscal year 2010 budget. Technically, they wouldn't get funded in a CR, unless Congress made some sort of special arrangement. 


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Let us be clear, this is not an issue of the ineffectiveness of an education masters, this is an effort to cut salaries of teachers, period. They found an argument and this is it. This is the new business model. Cut labor costs, lengthen hours.

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