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Roundup: Obama Appoints An Autistic 22 Year Old

500x_fbmapbig A late-night roundup of some of the best I've found:The 15 Best #MyFavoriteTeacher Tweets The Huffington Post News Team: Below are 15 of the most inspiring, hilarious and otherwise awesome #MyFavoriteTeacher tweets... NEA Commits Cash, Manpower to Tight Races Politics K12:  The NEA is also supporting a number of vulnerable Democratic senators, including Sens. Michael Bennet of Colorado, Barbara Boxer of California, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, Patty Murray of Washington, and Harry Reid of Nevada (the majority leader)... Houston Story, Part 3 of 3  Michael Goldstein:  School turnarounds are hard.I’ve had a small role in observing a whale of a new effort in Houston, called Apollo 20. It’s a collaboration between the district and Roland Fryer’s outfit called EdLabs... “The Lottery Of Life” Larry Ferlazzo:  This is a neat site from Save The Children. It gives you a chance to see how your life might have looked if you had been born in another country... First Autistic Presidential Appointee:  Ari Ne'eman is not your typical presidential appointee. He's one of the youngest at 22, and he's the first that is autistic. President Obama nominated him to the National Council on Disability... The Ultimate Map of Internet Hangouts:  Online web comic XKCD created this awesome map of online communities, scaled to relative user activity. It's got many more websites than the 2007 original; the embedded caption indicates loads of research went into this thing... Speed Dating For Teaching Jobs:  There were over 200 schools represented inside but based on the length of the lines behind each table, I calculated that I could visit only about 10 of them. I would get five minutes at most to make a good impression and hopefully land a job offer or at least a longer follow-up interview. It was teacher-school speed dating. Via GothamSchools.


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