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Reform: Race To The Top Vs. The Ground Zero Mosque [upd]

Clippers What keeps jumping out to me is what a small game RTTT is and always has been, relatively speaking.  Politically, it's not the Ground Zero mosque.  Financially, it's not edujobs. It's not publishing teachers' value-added scores.  It's not even No Child Left Behind, which pumps billions into schools each year and makes them do all sorts of awful things like publish subgroup achievement data and provide after school tutoring to kids that may be just as bad as what they're getting during the day. Still, as anticipated, there's a fair amount of grumbling going on since yesterday's announcement of the 10 RTTT winners.  Republicans grumbling about Democratic states.  Western states grumbling about an East Coast bias.  East Coast grumblings about Hawaii.  Stephanie Banchero at the WSJ has a roundup here.  All may have good points. [corrected WSJ link - sorry]


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