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Media: Spencer Fellow Gets Big Book Deal

ScreenHunter_07 May. 28 21.44 Peg Tyre, Spencer Fellow for 2009-2010, just signed a big fat book deal for a project that is (thankfully) not going to be about KIPP or TFA or the Harlem Children's Zone or Michelle Rhee or Green Dot or Race To The Top.  It's a parent-friendly book tentatively called The Good School: How To Get The Children We Love The Education They Deserve, and will be published by Holt. It follows Tyre's bestselling book from a couple of years ago, The Trouble With Boys, which spent two weeks on the NYT bestseller list and was featured in People, Redbook, USNews, Newsweek.com.  According to Tyre, the new book will be about "what education research says makes a good school and is aimed squarely at parents of prek -8th grade kids."  This isn't the first big accolade for the two year old Spencer program, run out of Columbia's j-school, which I participated in during 08-09.  Nancy Solomon, from the first year of the fellowship, recently won a Peabody for her hour-long audio documentary.  Elizabeth Green wrote a widely-read NYT Sunday Magazine story on classroom teaching techniques.  Read all about it here.


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