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Money: Hedge Fund Generates Criticism Of For-Profits

Resized_Telephone_Receiver_1A hedge fund paid a researcher to gather signatures from nonprofit homeless organizations on a letter criticizing for-profit colleges and universities for preying on homeless men and women - without fully disclosing who she was working for (and what the financial interests might be). The letter went to the USDE and became part of the case against for-profit colleges and universities.  I'm no defender of anyone, but are nonprofits (and the media) being tricked into helping hedge funds make millions betting against for profit colleges?  Next time you see a letter like that, or a news story, ask yourself -- or its source -- where it came from.

Via ProPublica: Investment Funds Stir Controversy Over Recruiting by For-Profit Colleges, and Researcher Says She Disclosed Tie to Investment Firm


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