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AM News: Cortines To Resign From Los Angeles Schools

Feds strongarm Mass. on education standards Boston Herald:  "Moving away from this standard, hitching our wagon to some to-be-developed-and-vetted-later-on national process for standards and testing is not fair to our students, and is not fair to our state," saidGOP candidate Charlie D. Baker... Virginia's latest attempt to secede from the United States Washington Post (Steve Pearlstein):  Now, Virginia will bring its battle against federal authority right into the classroom with its decision to opt out of the movement to establish national standards for educational proficiency for elementary and high school students...News2 Alonso orders investigation into plummeting test scores at elementary school Baltimore Sun:  State education officials are investigating possible testing violations at a Northeast Baltimore elementary school where in some cases 100 percent of students passed annual reading and math exams last year but where scores plunged by as much as half this year... Oakland Schools Struggle, but Emeryville May Point a Way Up NYT:  Superintendent Tony Smith of the Oakland schools has a five-year plan to turn the system around, and it’s based on his success in the nearby Emeryville district... The Cortines effect LA Times:  The district has been lucky to have one of the most able crisis managers in the field of education — not once but twice... No Visa, No School, Many New York Districts Say NYT:  Civil liberties advocates have unsuccessfully asked the Education Department to stop localities from imposing enrollment barriers on immigrant children, intentionally or not. 


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