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AM News: Lawmakers Raise Hopes For More Teacher Money

Democrats add teacher money to war funding bill AP:  News2House Democrats who are trying to pass a long-stalled war funding bill are sweetening it with $10 billion to help local school districts avoid teacher layoffs when schools reopen... Education Secretary Hopes for Emergency Ed. Funding KCPW:  Jeff Robinson asked Duncan why this funding is needed, particularly when some school districts still haven’t spent the funds they received from the federal stimulus package passed in 2009... New York public schools top nation in per-student spending USA Today:  New York spent $17,173 per student for public education in 2007-08, more than any other state and 67% more than the U.S. average, according to ... Bill Gates touts charter schools, accountability AP:  Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates said Tuesday that charter schools can revolutionize education, but that the charter school movement also must hold itself accountable for low-performing schools... More California school districts edging closer to insolvency, state says LA Times:  Fourteen districts in the state are classified as in especially dire condition, including Lynwood Unified School District in Los Angeles County... No condoms for grade schoolers, Mass. schools say AP:  The superintendent of a Massachusetts school district is apologizing to parents for what she calls a misunderstanding over a condom availability policy... 


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