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Media: Brill's Big Sloppy Wet Kiss For Reformy Types

The.Simpsons.S21E07.Rednecks.and_.Broomsticks What do the people at the Department and on the Hill think about Schnur taking all the credit for coming up with RTTT? Brill writes like he's Bruce Weber and Schnur's a half-naked Marky Mark.  In what ways could RTTT conceivably overshadow health care reform?  None that I can think of. Who cares about TFA members losing their jobs when they'll leave for law school in a year or two anyway?  My sympathy's with the three-to five year folks.  What was the best line in the whole piece (The Teachers’ Unions’ Last Stand )?  Saying that RTTT presenters from NYC looked like they were in a "hostage tape" (or maybe the line about reformers being snobbish and self-righteous). What makes this journalism not commentary?  Brill's reformy bias is clear right from the get go. He makes a slew of unsupported claims and ignores the uncertainties and opposing forces at play (including, for example, the White House's decision to back the Harkin jobs bill and the Department's fears about "mass firing" stories.  Pic via Bart's Blackboard. 

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