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AM News: Big Cuts Coming, Districts Say

6a00e54f8c25c988340120a7f7436e970b-200wi School Districts Warn of Even Deeper Teacher Cuts NYT:  Hundreds of thousands of teachers around the country are being told that their jobs may be eliminated in June... Education Department Rescinds 2005 Title IX Change NPR:  Under the policy, schools could show they were in compliance with the law's guarantee of equal sports opportunities for girls merely through surveys that gauged interest and ability. They'll now have to prove compliance using other factors... Students seek a say on homework assignments Boston Globe:  Sometimes, they say, the homework doesn’t appear to have anything to do with what’s being taught in class. Other times, teachers hardly check to see if students completed the assignments or had difficulty with it... Regents Approve New Route to Master’s in Teaching NYT:  The New York State Board of Regents voted to approve a pilot program that would allow educational groups like Teach for America to create their own master’s programs... Teen Texting Soars; Will Social Skills Suffer? NPR:  The number of teenagers who say they text-message daily has shot up to 54 percent from 38 percent in just the past 18 months, a new report finds. The typical American teenager sends 50 texts a day. Teachers worry the texting trend will hurt their students' interpersonal communication skills... New Community College Standards Could Hike Graduation Rates NewsHour:  Community colleges are playing an increasing role in the country's higher educational system, but a high percentage of their students never finish their coursework. Jeffrey Brown talks to experts about a new national accountability standard aimed at bolstering graduation rates.


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