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Reform: First, Fire All The Teachers

A roundup of news coverage about the Central Falls HS turnaround story and other related conflicts:

Plan to fire all its teachers roils poor RI city Washington Post: The blue-and-white banner exclaiming "anticipation" on the front of Central Falls High School seems like a cruel joke for an institution so chronically troubled that its leaders decided to fire every teacher by year's end. 340x_easybakesmall22310

A Jumble of Strong Feelings After Vote on a Troubled School NYT:  In hopes of a “turnaround,” all the faculty members at an underperforming high school in Rhode Island are fired.

L.A. Unified is sued over teacher layoffs at 3 low-performing schools LA TImes:  Suit seeks to prevent further teacher cuts at the campuses, already hard hit by budget-related layoffs, saying the students are not being well served.

Chicago Teachers Union sues Board of Ed over possible reassignments/layoffs Chicago Now:  The Chicago Teachers Union is suing the Chicago Board of Education to stop it from designating certain schools for "turnaround" and "consolidation" which the union argues would effectively lead to layoffs and be a violation of the TAP (Teacher Advancement) programs.

It's not a joke when reform reaches peoples' jobs, especially during tough economic times.  Failure to resolve any one of these high-profile cases would affect school reform efforts nationally.


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