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Photo: Remembering The Little Rock Nine

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This gets sadder and sadder every year that passes.  The Little Rock Nine, from the latest New Yorker Magazine (slideshow and audio here)

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How is it sad? It's normal aging.

good question, michael --
it's not the aging -- normal like you say.
and it's not the picture -- so beautiful and powerful.
it's that integration was so hard, so delayed, and never seemed to fulfill its promise. now we're back to segregated schools, it seems, and it makes me sad.

I saw Carlotta alls (now Carlotta Walls Lanier) and Ernie Green at the Smithsonian Museum of American History a couple weeks ago, and then read the book she wrote last year. It took her a long time to face up to those events and tell her story, but she and the rest of them continue to bear witness, and every time they do it's inspiring.

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