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News: Disputes, Conflicts, Cuts

Pennsylvania: School District Denies Claim That It Spied AP:  The Lower Merion School District in suburban Philadelphia says it remotely activated Webcams 42 times to find missing student laptops, but never did so to spy on students, as a lawsuit filed this week claims. 6a00e54f8c25c988340120a7f7436e970b-200wi

New Plan on School Selection, but Still Discontent NYT:  The San Francisco school board is trying to revamp its byzantine student-assignment system, but complaints persist.

Superintendent returns to court on charges AP:  The attorney for Milford's superintendent of schools says his client will plead not guilty to sexual assault charges involving two female school principals.

Politics: St. Helena’s Version of Hatfields vs. McCoys NYT:  A special election on recalling four of the five school board members in St. Helena has deeply split the town.

Georgia schools switching to 4-day weeks USA Today:  With budget cuts looming, more Georgia school systems are considering switching to four-day school weeks.


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