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Blog Roundup: Questioning Obama Commencement Contest

The problem with Obama’s commencement speech contest Answer Sheet:  It’s not the idea of a contest that gives me pause. It’s the way this one is being run.

Expect Several-Billion-Dollar School ‘Stimulus’ Soon Andy Smarick AEI:  I’m not sure when, but expect a significant push for a schools stimulus soon—and its several-billion-dollar price tag.500x_snowglobe

5 questions for Eva Moskowitz EdNews Colorado:  The New York politician-turned-charter CEO talks about the enduring controversy surrounding charter schools, co-location and segregation. 

Eight essential life skills that schools can teach our kids Jay Mathews WPost: I learned at an early age from my mother that there was more to school than reading, writing, arithmetic and lunch.

No (Tenured) Teacher Left Behind WSJ Editorial:  One of the biggest obstacles to putting a good instructor in every classroom is a tenure system that forces principals to hire and retain teachers based on seniority instead of performance.


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