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AM News: All Eyes On Central Falls High School

Teachers fired, labor outraged Providence Journal:  The state’s tiniest, poorest city has become the center of a national battle over dramatic school reform.

A Vote to Fire All Teachers at a Failing High School NYT:  Central Falls High is one of six of the state’s lowest-achieving — the only one not in Providence — and has a four-year graduation rate of 48 percent. It has 800 students.

Kansas City considers closing 31 of 61 schools USA Today:  Faced with declining enrollment and a $50 million budget shortfall, the Kansas City, Mo., schools chief wants the school board to close as many as 31 of the city's 61 schools and lay off one-fourth of its employees — including 285 teachers.

Maryland schools get a break on making up snow days Washington Post:  Spring break is in significantly less peril for public schools in Maryland after the State Board of Education decided Tuesday to allow schools to request waivers for the minimum number of days they must be in session this year.

2 teens injured in Colorado middle school shooting AP:  A teacher tackled a man armed with a high-powered rifle just after two teenage students were shot Tuesday at a suburban Denver middle school that's just miles from Columbine High School, the site of one of the nation's deadliest school shootings, authorities said. 


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