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RTTT: Half Of24 States Post Applications Online [updated]

Here's an entirely unverified and completely ad hoc collection of the nearly 20 state RTTT applications that have been located online thanks to blog readers, Twitter friends, and education writers on the EWA listserv:

AL http://bit.ly/57fvBR via @MEDixon215
AR http://ow.ly/YF8k thanks to Cynthia Howell at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette
AZ http://tinyurl.com/nmboo9 via @rshorton

CA http://ow.ly/YEqP thanks to Dakarai Aarons at EdWeek
CO http://tinyurl.com/yhbk4dz thanks to @mickeyrevenaugh
DCPS here via Politics K12
FL here via Jeff Solocheck at the St. Pete Times
GA http://ow.ly/YINr via @EdLeader_Ann
ID   www.sde.idaho.gov via @melissarmcgrath
KY http://ow.ly/YD0V thanks to Tony Konz at the Courier
IL   http://ow.ly/YDpQ via Stephanie Banchero Chicago Tribune
IN  http://bit.ly/7H0uZq via blog reader
KS http://is.gd/6GX8e via Lori Yount The Wichita Eagle
http://ow.ly/YDGv thanks to Lori Higgins at the Detroit Free Press

MN http://ow.ly/YzzO via @tenyearplan
MO http://ow.ly/YE7J via Ray Weikal at the Sun News
OH http://tinyurl.com/yhjv9a7 via joEducation_OH
OK  http://ow.ly/YEYd thanks to Cristy Watson The Oklahoman
OR http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=2781 via @KennethLibby
PA http://ow.ly/YF57 thanks to Jan Murphy at the Patriot News
TN http://bit.ly/91Yspi via @NashvilleJeff

VA http://bit.ly/5ipm9T  via @cathgrimes

WI http://ow.ly/YEEr via Gayle Worland at the Wisconsin State Journal

WY http://bit.ly/50v0Lc via @JMBorchardt



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I received the following from Jonathan Burman at the New York State Education Department in response to a query concerning the state's intention to post its RT3 application at this time:

"New York's application for Race to the Top funding will be made public
after the first phase of the competition is over.

"The US Department of Education has said that it plans to post all state
applications and final scores on its website at the conclusion of each
phase of the Race to the Top competition. Because RTTT grants will be
awarded in a two-phase process, a state that does not win a Phase 1
grant is entitled to reapply in Phase 2. If New York does not win a
Phase 1 award, we will in all likelihood apply in Phase 2. Therefore,
the release of New York's application at this time could compromise the
State's ability to compete in the next round."

NC Race to the Top application

there are a couple more on twitter since i last updated this

Here's the link to Nebraska's RTTT app, I shortened the URL. I'm mining it for info now.


Please note DC's Race to the Top application is for all of DC (30 charter schools have signed on) and not limited to the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS).

Scroll to the section "States’ Application Information"

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