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Blogs: Gates, Marshmallows, Race To Nowhere

Bill Gates, Coca-Cola, and Third World Farmers Yglesias
What always leaves me scratching my head about uber-rich philanthropists is why so many of their activities are so depoliticized.

2c6639297324f4253460a29f782a220eef8014a1Punching a marshmallow Klonsky
When it came Cunningham's chance to respond, he could do little but agree with each and every one of Rothstein's points.

Teaching without gimmicks Answer Sheet
My guest today is Diana Senechal, who taught for four years in the New York City public schools and is writing a book about the loss of solitude in schools and culture.

Race To Nowhere Daily Riff
The Film Race To Nowhere should be watched by every parent, teacher, administrator and older student, as it takes us on...

Transparency Fail Pk12
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has pledged to conduct an open, transparent competition for $4 billion in Race to the Top funds. But the Education Department is falling short on one key piece: letting the public know who will judge the competition.

Absenteeism declines when principals have more control Phys.org
Two papers authored by Brian Jacob, a professor at the U-M Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, examined a policy change in the Chicago Public School system in which principals were given complete autonomy to dismiss probationary teachers.


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