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News: Sacto Changes, Election Impact, Stimulus Trickle, VA Charters

California Senate OKs school changes to seek federal funds Sacramento Bee
These measures address the criteria President Barack Obama and US Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan said would make a state competitive in vying ...

Election Offers Varied Impact for Education EdWeek
From ballot measures with funding implications to high-profile mayoral races, school issues factored into a number of state and local races.

Custom_1257201113293_todolistCharter school supporters sound warnings over union win in Denver schools CO Independent
Even as charter school supporters swept the Douglas County School Board election Tuesday, charter school advocates were losing power in the Denver Public School Board election, according to unofficial election results.

Stimulus Money Trickling Into the Classroom PBS NewsHour
John Tulenko of Learning Matters Television explores how stimulus money is making its way into classrooms in upstate New York.

Va. dip toes in charter school waters, as D.C. student numbers soar Washington Post
The number of charter schools in the District has skyrocketed over the past decade, and charters are on track to claim 38 percent of public school students in the city. The charter scene is a comparative desert in Virginia and Maryland, but that might be changing.

Foundation giving is expectedto drop more than 10% in '09 Washington Post
Foundation giving is expected to drop more than 10 percent this year from 2008 and to continue falling next year, according to a survey conducted in September of almost 600 large- and mid-size organizations by the Foundation Center.


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