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Blogs: Hawaii Leads The Way, Turnaround Terror, Etc.

Waiting for the punchline RPOA [new blog!]
I’m always searching for new ways to motivate my students, and last week I thought I finally found something.

Hawaii Schools to Close on Most Fridays Mother Jones
California, Florida, and New Mexico have also asked teachers to take unpaid furlough days, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Putting the Brakes on Turnarounds Smarick
Though the inclination to fix our worst schools is understandable and is often the result of the best intentions, it is misguided.

Obesity-thumb-590x519-15733Duncan attacks Hawaii for being broke, cutting school year Mike Klonsky
But offers little in way of solutions

As aid shrinks, more 'stuck' for day care USA Today
As budget problems worsen, states are tightening rules for subsidies, eliminating enriched child care programs, raising fees that parents and providers pay, and halting new subsidies.

Schools often don't budget wisely Detroit News
This is a bogus argument. Schools have known for a year or more of the state's distressed financial condition.

Looking for Good Ideas to Reduce Teen Shootings Freakonomics
I had a number of ideas, but after spending some time talking with a group of Black Soul gang members with the help of one of my heroes, Arloa Sutter, I’m not convinced that any of my approaches can work.


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