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Blogs: Needy Prep Schools, Duncan Contradictions, Curriculum Vs. Governance

Goldman Sachs' Neediest Cases Gawker
CityFile rummaged through the past recipients of Goldman's largesse. Guess what they found? Tony, preposterously expensive private prep schools, that's what!

Duncan to Reiterate Criticisms of Teacher Education Teacher Beat
Am I the only one that sees a little bit of tension between the thrust of this speech and the proposed Race to the Top criteria?

Picture 32

Early Obama adviser waiting to see Elizabeth Green
Obama’s strategy has to stretch beyond simply, “Be like Joel.”

The Roger Ebert of Science Teachers Curriculum Matters
A big science teachers association offers reviews of the scientific accuracy of Hollywood flicks.

A gadfly remembered Sherman Dorn
I only met him a handful of times in the past 20 years of his persistent, indefatigable efforts to poke holes in every public report or news story he saw as an effort to demonize public schooling.

Least Undesirable Edition TAPPED
Rather than have “governance people” in the administration take over the education agenda, the author proposes to prioritize the evaluation of curriculum effectiveness among teachers and local agencies.

Making Physics Fun [Weird Science] Jezebel
A musing about the state of science in children's lives; chemistry sets have given way to "boogerology" kits, emphasizing gross stuff in an effort to lure kids.

According to ProPublica's stimulus tracking site, the USDE has only spent 22 percent of its stimulus funding.


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